TURN officially renewed for Season 2 with ten new episodes in Spring 2015

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Earlier today, AMC officially announced that it was ordering a second season of TURN.  Ten new episodes are slated to air in Spring 2015!

TURN is officially renewed for a second season! Click above to see the news on AMC's website.
TURN is officially renewed for a second season! Click above to read the news release on AMC’s website.

The news broke on Twitter shortly after 2:00pm Eastern time this afternoon — and happy TURN fans have been posting rather fantastic celebratory posts all day since.

For commentary from some other entertainment websites, check out the following links. (Most sites have brief announcements and/or copy and paste from AMC’s official press release; the sites below offer some of their own commentary as well.) From the sound of it, renewal was not guaranteed, and the ratings have been almost universally described as “modest.” FYI: The “Live+3” stat that many of these articles mention means the total viewing numbers of the original airing and all subsequent re-airings over the next three days.

With an airdate of next spring, that gives us plenty of time to cover all the historic topics of Season 1 in detail here at the blog!  More about our off-season (inter-season?) plans coming soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the good news, TURN fans!

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