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Two blog posts in less than 18 hours? This is MADNESS!!

Okay, so this is more of an “announcement” than a full-blown post:  The Timeline page has been updated!  Now, usually an update to the Historical Timeline won’t merit a blog post of its own — the Timeline should be updated a day or two after each new episode airs with new events that were mentioned in that episode.  However, there is now a list of all the events featured in the main infographic, with links (when applicable) to blog posts and/or external sites where you can learn more about each event.  Check it out!

Historical Timeline version 1.1. Click to view full size.
Historical Timeline version 1.1 (last updated 5/8/14)

I’ve also had several people suggest that I should make an “Alternate History Timeline” to accompany the one above that depicts real historical events.  The Alternate Timeline would contain events that occur only in the TURN universe (in other words, events seen in the show that never really happened at ANY point in time).  Viewers could then easily discern, by glancing at both timelines, whether an event in the show was real or fabricated.  I think it’s a great suggestion — thanks to those who brought it to my attention, and please keep the good ideas coming!

In the meantime, enjoy the (relative) plethora of posts!


One thought on “Update: TURN Historical Timeline

    J. L. Bell said:
    May 14, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    “This is MADNESS!”?

    This is New Jersey.

    (Fine work all around.)

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