Weekend notice

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Well! My apologies, readers: After spending a considerable amount of time prepping another Reader Request post (this time discussing the story of British soldiers digging up gravestones to use in military fortifications) while in transit, I (and many of my fellow passengers) were chagrined to discover that the wi-fi is out of service for the entire train.  (I’m posting this note rather awkwardly from a friend’s phone.)  For those of you who requested the topic: It’s on its way! I’ll be sure to post it early next week.

Additionally, I’ll be off-grid for the entire weekend through Monday, so (alas!) I will be missing out on the premiere of Episode 5 of TURN, which means no ‘Spycurious’ live tweets, tumblr, or Facebook posts on Sunday. I do, however, encourage all of you to continue the conversation!  For Twitter and tumblr, the main hashtag to use is #TURNamc. Or you could post your own comments on the “TURN to a Historian” Facebook page!

Starting Tuesday, I plan to get caught up ASAP and start publishing what is not a backlog of posts. Enjoy your weekend, and the latest episode of TURN on Sunday evening!


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